How we help to grow market share in ASEAN

We recognize that a deep and thorough understanding of the ASEAN market situation is required, but that alone is not enough. To help companies get a better sense of the opportunities available in ASEAN and how to maximize on them, Solidiance gains advantage by applying the following key points:

Customized solutionsCustomized solutions

Our clients come to us with different needs and requests. It is then customary for us to provide clients with personalized business advice depending on their situation. We get our hands dirty in delivering the expected results, and do not hesitate to get right into the core of the ASEAN market.

ASEAN market intelligence, not market dataASEAN market intelligence, not market data

We do not get easily satisfied by simply providing market data to our clients. We only declare our work done after having provided an in-depth market analysis of these data using primary research methods conducted by our team of seasoned and professional consultants.

Local flavor, international skillsLocal flavor, international skills

Our unique network, which is focused on the ASEAN and Asia Pacific region, gives us leverage over other companies. Our team is comprised of professional consultants, proficient in the local languages with strong local cultural awareness and solid knowledge in the ASEAN market.

Solidiance truly stands alone in terms of delivering value for money. Over the course of the various projects we've commissioned with Solidiance, we've witnessed them using their deep Asian wide networks to gain trends and insights into a concise roadmap report that we can simply turn over to our Sales team for highly effective implementation. - Tom O'Reilly (Managing Director Asia Rockwell Automation)