ASEAN Market Research

Market Research ASEANStrategically situated between two economic giants, China and India, ASEAN has put an emphasis on regional cooperation in the three pillars, which are security, sociocultural integration and economic integration. It has made the most progress in economic integration and aims to create an ASEAN Economic Community by 2015, which envisages the following key characteristics: a single market and production base, a highly competitive economic region, a region of equitable economic development, and a region fully integrated into the global economy.

Until then, ASEAN still offers plenty of exciting opportunities for companies looking to start a business or investing in the region. The encouragement of free flow investment within ASEAN, the increase of the competitive edges of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the region, and the free trade agreements with countries such as China and Japan, among others, have been cited as supportive factors of the significant economic growth experienced by ASEAN countries.

Solidiance, a B2B management consulting firm focused in ASEAN and Asia Pacific region, provide companies with sound business advice related to their specific needs - whether it's to start, or expand their businesses. We know the ASEAN terrain best.

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Some of the ASEAN market entry and market expansion services we offer:
  • ASEAN market research
  • ASEAN market survey
  • ASEAN qualitative research
  • ASEAN quantitative research
  • ASEAN market landscape
  • Market intelligence ASEAN
  • ASEAN M&A screening & evaluation
  • ASEAN medical equipment market research
  • ASEAN hospital market research
  • ASEAN competitive intelligence
  • ASEAN market sizing
  • ASEAN competitive landscape analysis
  • ASEAN competitive benchmarking
  • ASEAN competitor monitoring
  • Freelance market research ASEAN
  • ASEAN commercial due diligence
  • ASEAN industrial market research
  • ASEAN pricing study
  • ASEAN competitor sales network analysis
  • ASEAN B2B Market Research
  • ASEAN market attractiveness Analysis
  • ASEAN markets segmentation
  • ASEAN supply chain analysis
  • Growth strategy ASEAN
  • ASEAN telecom market research
  • ASEAN industrial market research
  • ASEAN feasibility studies
  • ASEAN customers analysis
  • ASEAN distribution channels analysis
  • ASEAN value chain analysis
  • ASEAN feasibility studies
  • ASEAN healthcare market research
  • ASEAN oil & gas market research
  • ASEAN construction materials market research